Comment on 50 killed, thousands displaced in fresh Benue, Taraba attacks by ICHEOKU

ICHEOKU says the same Tiv people that massacred Ndigbo during the civil war have apparently lost their mojo or may be they never had one to begin with. Recall that “ndi munchi” were waylaying fleeing umu igbo from the far North and slaughtering and beheading them in Gboko, Ourkpo and Makurdi. So what happened to their famed “bravery and courage”, one is forced to ask now that they cannot even muster the courage to face their Fulani nemesis. But hey, karma is a fat ugly black bitch and they are facing her righteous indignation right now. May they never get a break from the ravaging Fulani marauders IJN until their communities are ravaged as Biafra during the civil war..

Source: news

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