Comment on 50 years after civil war: Soyinka, Akintoye, Utomi, Anya, others insist on restructuring by Alain

I use to respect this unfortunate human birth of a people but I have decided no to anymore because they can’t save me. They are nursery student of no single teacher or mentor in a class room. After all Gowon wasn’t his real name. it was a fabricated name given out to him by the British meaning “Go won war” and he ignorantly accepted it to be his name in Army. What an old generational causes for the new generation. How would he had ate together with Dim in Aburi? How can he used Pharaoh face to kill only to turn himself as Moses the appointed leader. I weep for the unity of Nigeria because there’s no sense of unity in our togetherness and to avoid suffering the new generations we will not agree to one Nigeria because it was designed re-designed to bring all united race down. We will not leave with this blood sucker religion no way. Biafra is the only way no other way. Whether Buhari likes it or not he should ask for his six fit grave on time because no one will escape it. I support no evil.

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