Comment on 9Th NASS leadership: APC lawmakers defiant by THE NOON

The crisis surrounding the formation of 9th National assembly was a confirmation of a practical definition of a political culture which it’s remained the major obstacles of Democratic development in Nigeria because the thinking faculty of the so called Senators, Honorables and the views of political parties concerning the Leadership of 9th National Assembly shows absolute lacked of political maturity and Democratic orientation in all ramifications that defined an educated society however these does not differentiated the so called members of the national assembly from illiterates out there and also does not differentiated the so called lawmakers from the lawbreakers out there because their thinking faculties on matters of governance are thesame. Nigerian political culture and its characteristics is unfolding in National Assembly now while the outcomes always aided lawlessness, undemocratic notions that abused constitutionality, given priorities to what divided people than what unite people and promotion of regional, religion and tribal sentiment as a barbaric culture that prevailed over righteousness, fair play and Justice moreover these had become what rules the thinking faculty of majorities of Nigerians while these are also the basis of passing any political judgement of which it has become a culture in about 20yrs and also a legacies inherited from the so called politicians which neither restructuring nor any form of government can be the solution but only if Democratic leaders change their style in the ways that will systematically changed the mentalities of majorities of Nigerians on matters of governance where leaders will set good examples of leadership by their style in ensure good governance as a legacies for younger generation where patriotism prevailed over tribal, religion and regional sentiment.

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