Comment on ADF rejects IG’s policing plan for South-East by Dr Uche Kalu

All Northern States have been having their Community Policing since they inaugurated Sharia in their various States without a recource to the Police.
The 6 South Western States have also recently inaugurated their own Community Policing aka, Operation Amotekun without imposition from any fucking bloody Hausa/Fulani outsider upon them.
Why must we Igbo allow Mallam Muhammed Adamu,the Inspector General of
Police to impose his gobble – de – gook Farmers/Herders’ Committee upon us?
Our Igbos Culture like the other Indigenous Qua/Kwa Nigerians’ is a Sedentary Cultture not a nomdic one.
Besides,there aren’t fucking herders amongst us Igbos to start with.
Perhaps it might interest those Igbo Quislings,our so called Governors to note that it was the Hisbahs of Kano,who brutally and publicly beheaded our
Igbo Daughter,Oriaku Bridget Agbahieme a couple of years ago.
While a Kano Sharia Court found the muslim savages, who perpetrated that
barabaric, heinous and inhuman act not guilty, that same Sharia court tried the late Madame Bridget Agbahieme posthumously and did find her guilty of
May Her Noble Soul Repose In Eternal Peace.Amen!
Some years back,the estwhile Governor of CBN and the current Emir of Kano,
Mallam Muhammadu Sanusi ii, led a mob of irate Hisbah goons in Kano into
a Sharia custody and dragged Mazi Gideon Akulaka in front of Kano Central Mosque.
Like Oriaku Bridget Agbahieme, Mallam Muhammadu Sanusi and his hordes
of Islamic zealots and barbaric Jihadists, brutally and publicly had Mazi Gideon Akulaka beheaded like an animal.
Those hordes of muslim savages impaled the head of that young Igbo kinsman
of ours on pole and went marching through out the Streets of Kano City chanting ” Allahu Akbah!”
May The Soul Of That Devout Catholic And Noble Merchant Repose In
Eternal Peace.Amen!
Governor Dave Umahi and his fellow Igbo Governors should please reject that
imposition of Farmers/Herders’ Committee upon us Ndigbo by that outsider.
Let our Governors rather mobilize our brave, fearless and gallant Bakassi
Boys instead.
“Ndigbo Chenu Echiche!
Maka na asi na Ndi Ndiro gbara gburugburu na eche ndu ha nche .Iwu! ”
All Hail Biafra, our God’s Own Land of the Rising SUN!!

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