Comment on AFAN raises concern over rising cost of fertilisers by Dr Uche Kalu

Nigerian farmers must be very very careful about their use of fertilizers, because a long time use of fertilizers on farmlands can lead to acidity
of our underground waters, lakes,rivers and streams.
It is alway better to use natural manures,which are bio-degradable or to
resort to shifting cultivations and the use of cover-crops, like our forebears
Decades of use of fertilizers in North America and Europe, combined
with pesticides have not only made farmlands no longer fertile but also,
have led to some concomitant devastating environmental pollutions.
The use of fertilizers is like the use of cortizone in medicine.
Cortisone is a synthetic Corticosteriod like cortisol produced by the adrenal
glands,and is very curative in handling inflamations only for a very short time.
But its along application causes many many sicknesses and can kill too.
Like we doctors used Cortisone exclusively in palliative treatments,so must
our farmers apply fertilizers in their farming, else they will be rendering their
farmlands permanently useless for their children and posterity.

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