Comment on Afenifere dares FG, says, we wait for arrest by kabiyeze

Yorubas are the funniest and most unpredictable breed of people. So, the Yorubas knew that Fulani was responsible for the crises of June 12, and deliberately brought in Fulanis again in 2015 to repeat the crises? If not their plan, how on earth could a non funny breed that suffered severely and recovered not by the mercy of Fulani but by their resistance efforts and that of other non Fulanis and the international communities, ever contemplate that a Fulani ruler would willingly under a democracy, autocracy hand over power to a non-Fulani man. When Buhari and fellow Fulanis, positioned Atiku, a fellow Fulani in PDP on standby for 2023 handover, they were sleeping or too myopic to read the handwriting on the wall. Good morning Yoruba. Continue fighting Igbos as your only enemies on earth. Now, your brother and Fulani agent Tinubu has started secret meeting with Atiku, for Vice Presidential ticket for Yoruba in 2023 to displace Igboman. He wants Igbos and Yorubas to fight for VP in 2023.

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