Comment on Afenifere, Ohanaeze, others goofed over Buhari – Birma Dauda by DR Uche Kalu

Well,it goes without saying that,birds of identical plumage do fly together.
Thus,in his above interview,Alhaji Birma Dauda did expose himself as a
habitual liar just like his chum ,Mallam Muhmmadu Buhari , the President.
Nonetheless,he did admit being a Buhari’s man and therefore, he is thus a
compromised individual.
It is indeed, the old Alhaji Birma Dauda,who lied and goofed over Buhari not
the Afenifere,Ohanaeze,PANDEF and other, who did goof over Buhari.
However, as a muslim the old Alhaji is allowed to dissemble (Taqqiya) when
confronted by an Infidel and his interviewer,Mazi Vincent Kalu just happened to be a damned Infidel and an Igbo Christian for that matter.
Among other things,the old man did lie about Buhari’s fight against corruption,the outcome of recent Presidential Election and also about the situation in his home State of Borno.
On Corruption; Buhari can’t be fighting corruption while at the same time,he surrounds himself with such prominent and notorious State Treasure Looters,like Adams Oshiomhole,Babatunde Fashola,Chibuike Amaechi, Godswill Akpabio,Orji Uzor Kalu et al.He is also shielding all of them from prosecution,which of course is a part of corruption practice in itself.
Come to think about it, President Buhari himself is but rottently corrupt.
The $25bn eamarked for NNPC Petroleum Exploration Contract by President Buhari , had already found itself in a digitalized Bank Account in Dubai,before Minister Emmanuel Ibe Kachukwu could blow his whistle about the scam .The President must be compelled to return that huge sum of money to our National Treasury, because the search for oil in the North,by IBB and others have long been exhauste.
The President has also to explain to the nation,where our First Family got the
several trillions of Nairas for their acquisition of Etisalat and Keystone Bank.
As a Military Head of State, President Buhari is on record to have assisted the Emir of Gwandu’s Family to smuggle 15 briefcases stuffed with currencies into the country.
Wasn’t such a barzen money laundring a corrupt practice jare?
As a Chairman of PTF (Petroleum Trust Funds), under the late Gen. Sani
Abacha,Buhari did supervise the mindless and greatest loot of our vast oil money on record,by his then Principal,Gen.Sani Abacha.
Buhari did not only lie about that later.He did also help himself then, by his
misappropiation (stealing) of the sum of $2.84bn from the PTF under his charge.
Thus,Buhari is indeed a thief and damn liar too.
On the outcome of the recent Presidetial Election; There are lots of evidences to show that Buhari did not win the recent Presidential Election against his Fulani kinsman,Alhaji Atiku Abubakar hands down.It was indeed, the Nigerian Military assisted by the Police and some handpicked muslims by Buhari’s conmen,who helped the INEC to manipulate the Presidential Election Reults in favour of their Paymaster,the President.
On the Situation in Alhaji Birman Dauda ‘s Borno State: The assertion by
the old Alhaji that the Boko Haram are restricted far away from Borno and
major Metrolpols of Borno State is deflated by the fact that there were some bombings and killings all over the State during electioneerings and voting time
too.The turnout couldn’t have been that high as given by the INEC Officials.
The mere horrible sights of human tragedies and sufferings all over the North East of Nigeria at large, do raise some ethical and moral questions about holding the Presidential Election in that region of Nigeria in the firs place.
Nigeria is indeed a failed shithole State of a country,that we Biafrans are indeed very a shamed to continue to be a part of Nigeria.
We are different and share absolutely nothing in common with those lazy and
parasitic beggars folks of the Islamic North yonder.
It about time we Nigerians agreed to go our fucking separate ways like
the Soviets and the Yugoslavs.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!
All Hail Biafra,our Go’s own Land of the Rising Sun!!!

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