Comment on Afikpo witnessed last genocide in Biafra –Ewa, author by Dr Uche Kalu

Oh yes indeed!
General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.) the Officers and Men of the Nigerian
Vandal Armed Forces, under his command did commit the worst war
crimes and crimes against humanity in the Afikpo theatre of the Biafran-
Nigerian War.
From 1968 to 1970 Commander Buhari and his Units of the then Nigerian
Army did leave spectaculum of horrors quite remniscent of the Hollywood
Classics on Spartacus, the Thracian Gladiator acted by Kirk Douglas.
The 7th October 1967 Asaba Pogrom lasted only for two days but in
Afikpo it all started with a daily aerial bombings for fortnight before Buhari,
his Officers and Men launced their invasion in early April 1968.
From Oziza, Akpoha, Ibii down to Amaseri in Afikpo North and from
Amangwu, Owutu down to Oso Edda in Afikpo South,Buhari’s Soldiers of
Morons and Vandals left remains of innocent Biafran children,men and
women murdered in cold blood by them , crucified,hanged or impaled on
poles pierced through their rectal cavities up through their thoracic cavities,
in Town and Village Squares ,market places and along the highways.
The late Sir Francis Akanu Ibiam, the Civilian Governor of Biafra and the Secretary General of the World Council of Churches,was an Indigen of
Besides,the most formidable fighting units of our Biafran War were our
Gurrillas and Rangers, who were stationed in Ozara Oka Ngwu Jungle
in Amaseri and in Erei -Afikpo, Ebem-Ohafia (Farm Settlement) Axis.
Those gallant Biafran Gurrillas and Rangers spooked, and stopped Buhari’s
Nigerian Soldiers of Vandals from advancing to Umuahia,our then Biafran
Capital City through our Ibomland of Afikpo.
The Ibom People of Afikjpo were simply held as hostages from 1968 till
the end of the Biafra-Nigerian War in 1970.
Whenever our Biafran Gurrillas and Rangers spook and attacked the Nigerian
Vandal Soldiers, inflicting heavy casualties on them , they did descend upon
the villages, farmsted and hamlets,slaughtering in their wake some hapless
and innocent civilians in retaliations.
It is estimated that the Nigerian Armed Forces must have killed over
150000 innocent Ibom Afikpos during the war
For that reason,Dr Francise Akanu Ibiam did return his Accolade to Her
Majesty, Queen Elizabeth of the UK and Commonwealth of Nations in
Of course,the Biafran-Nigerian War was indeed a British proxy war.
Without British support for Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon coupled with the Soviet,
East German, Reactionary Arabs led by Egypt assistance,the Nigerians
couldn’t have won that War of Genocide against us Biafrans.
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!

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