Comment on Aftermath of Ruiz defeat: Oboh hails Joshua, advices him over Wilder, Fury by Alex Johnson

i have already congratulated Joshua on his victory over Ruiz and have been looking at Wilder and Fury.

I am a strong fan of Fury because of his humour and cheerfulness in the ring but in a fight against Joshua, I won’t support him against my compatriot. He is a very strong boxer aided by his intimidating height and stature. I would advise Joshua any day it will happen to use the same tactics against Ruiz. As for Wilder, i fear him because of his dry-wood hand. He is beatable. In his last fight with Oritz, he was being out-punched until the time he gave Oritz just one hard blow on target and he could not survive it and that ended the match in his favour. Joshua can absorb punches. I advise him to come out fully and take the fight to him with many punches and never give him chance to come very close.

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