Comment on Alleged $25, 000 bribe: EFCC nails Shehu Sani with 13 voice recordings by AZZO

We all know what is happening here. Shehu Sani was, and has never been in the good books of this administration. I feel pity for Alhaji Sani Dauda for allowing himself to be used in setting this boobie trap for the Senator. ASD should know that what goes around, comes around. Apart from the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong for a Senator to be engaged in private business discussions with any members of the public, it will be good, first and foremost to understand the reasons for the meeting. Why for instance was ASD having issues with the EFCC and wanting Sani’s intervention? Did he, Sani Dauda truly have any problem with the EFCC and if so, what is the type of problem? Secondly, perhaps we should understand why ASD thought it very necessary to dole out the sums of money and also to record the conversations? What did he (ASD) intend to achieve with recording the conversation? Was Sani aware that this private meeting(because it is very private meeting) would be recorded?. Thirdly, since when did it become a crime for people, irrespective of their positions to help others who are in need of help? If the EFCC is treating this matter truly as a crime, then ASD should not be spared either. Why was he wanting to bribe anyways? There are no conclusions to make here, but let the public know this, I don’t really like Sani as a person, never met him, and don’t think I ever will, but clearly, there is nothing else going on here set apart from witch-hunting. The principal parties in all these is firstly Mallam Nasir El-Rufai Governor of Kaduna state who apart from very personal grudge against Sani, is acting the script of his principal in Aso Rock using the paraphernalia of government jointly with an obviously naïve business man. I seriously had thought ASD should have concentrated more and face squarely the recent domestic issues with concerning his daughter’s (or son’s)wedding/marriage matters rather get involved here. We are watching.

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