Comment on Alleged campaign financing: Court to hear suit seeking to disqualify Buhari, Atiku on May 7 by Dr Uche Kalu

If President Buhari as a Military Head of State could execute High School
Students for their lesser crimes of cheating during their WAEC Exams,why must he ,Buhari get away with his own more serious crimes of School Certificate forgeries, lies and perjuries?
Come to think about that,there is a Constitutional Requirement that the
minimum academic qualification for the Candidacy of the Office of President,is
WAEC (O’level) or its equivalents.
If Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon,IBB, Abdulsalami and other top Northern Nigerian Military Officers of Mallam Muhammadu Buhari’s peers are subpoenad by the court, they will certainly testify that all of them had G4 Certificates,when they enlisted into the Nigerian Military Academy.
In their Northernization Policy,our British Colonial Masters did run an exclusive four years Academic Crass Programme for the Northern Pupils after which they all got G4 Certificate at the end of their course.
As of then,all British Institutions of High Learnigs never accepted Government 4 Certificate as an Equivalent of either Cambridge School Certificate or the University of London GCE (O’levels)
That the only academic record of Mallam Muhammadu Buhari with the Nigerian Defence Office is a fucking Testimonial issued by the Principal of a High School he purportedly atttended in 1953,means that citizen Buhari hasn’t
even got a Government 4 Certificate.
But in 2015,in order to qualify as a Presidential Candidate during the
Presidential Election,Buhari did get his home State of Katsina’s Ministry of Education to forge a Cambridge School Certificate Result for him.
But that Cambridge School Certificate Result,which Buhari purportedly sat
for in 1953,contained subjects like Igbo and Yoruba Languages,which were
never offered at that time in Cambridge Exams.
Furthermore,Buhari who was born in 1942 must have been 11 years old,when he sat for his purported Cambridge School Certificate Exams in 1953.
What a child prodigy Buhari must have been indeed.Lol!!
Just last year,2018 President Buhari in a shameful television ceremony in
Aso Rock Villa, had a forged WAEC School Certificate presented to him by
a rogue WAEC Official from Ghana.
But Buhari’s WAEC School Certificate,which he purportedly sat for in 1962 or so,has Hausa Language as one of the subject he offered in the Exam.
But again like in Buhari’s previous Cambridge School Certificate Result, Hausa Language was offered first time in WAEC Exams in 1975 as a Subject.
We Nigerians are indeed scandalized by President Buhari.
If Buhari could authorise the executions of High School Students,for their lesser crimes of cheating during exams, then Buhari is morally unfit and also, academically not qualified to be a President of a country of such learned men like Chika Obi,Wole Soyinka et al.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic hegemony!!

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