Comment on Almajiri: Ganduje slams northern governors for failure to halt interstate movement of school-age children by alain

There’s nothing like one Nigeria. The northerners  cannot be trusted with the unity of Nigeria. Because even if you give the Presidency to IPOB, you will still vote against their proper policies. The north have been doing it for 50 years now. There’s no headway in one Nigeria. Everything is calamity because the light and darkness can never be together. We should stop pretending that Nigeria is getting better. The only solution for us is to go our separate ways. This Nigeria unity of a thing has destroyed many souls and even the living ones are not guaranteed. You can’t bring Light and darkness together. We are wasting our time and people are getting older without proper settlement at the early stage of life making it hard for many to marry their age groups. We see our people coming out of school without jobs to solidify and guarantee the love they found during their school days. That true love simply died in the hands of Nigerian political policies and as a result of that, many true love, dreams, vision, the multiplying of the world and filling the earth order from God seems to have gone to the wrong preachers. Even at the end and certified out of school days, our people can’t marry their true love during our young loving ages because no sea port, no airport, no factory, no company and nothing in place to sustain that fountain love at the age of 22. Rather the Eve side will be hanging in style with no job and become 43 while the Adam side will struggle from 23 years old till 45 years only to look back to say to his true love, look  I can’t return back the hand of the clock for 43 yrs old ladies. I want to be with a 22 years old girl. If doom wants to marry a 22 years girl at 45, then 22 is heading for 13 years.and by the time you know it fortunate ones at 19 will say give me 9 thereby putting out our 6 and 3 years old ones in a close range of shoot outside of the law, no problem the Nigeria military tissue paper as quoted. The world is ending and it is time to repent from all of our evil ways and make the world a better place for everyone and on time. Okay now, check and calculate it. You eat 6 six times in a day while others struggle to eat only a time in a day. This is not good after all the wealth belongs to everyone. Share the common wealth equally and stop stealing at night as political arm officers and jailing thieves in the Morning as nigerian righteous police officers . This is to tell all ye one Nigeria call to obey non sense, that Biafra is my only hope to remain on earth. God is my  witness. 

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