Comment on Amotekun no threat to Nigeria’s unity –Tinubu by THE NOON

Mr Bola Tinubu has clearly turned himself to an arbitrator on this amatekun matter by telling the both side their errors so does Tinubu wanted Nigerians to believed he was not consulted by Southwest Governors before amatekun was eventually launched illegally? Or does Governors inquestion disregard the political position of Tinubu? So if Mr Tinubu was consulted on the matter why no given them these advises?. Or Is Nigeria a country with two system like China and Hongkong?. The South west of Nigeria and their Governors absolutely demonstrated foolishness and lacked of wisdom on amatekun by adamantly believed it is a security solutions to the region so does the civilian JTF end insurgency in the North east of the country? Does hisbulla end insecurity in Kano State?. In these ugly security situations in Nigeria would establishing many security agencies be the permanent solutions or add to the problems? Firstly insecurity in Nigeria were cleared evidence of bad Democratic governance while crime and criminalities are true manifestations of a symptoms of a sickness of a society because all the institutions that formed a society had failed The religion, The family, The schools, The Democratic Leadership and followers? So if uncountable places of worship in Nigeria failed to ensure crime prevention with their religious teaching and preaching, would too many security agencies succeed?. In this ugly socioeconomic and security problems of the country Regional economy integration in key areas like agriculture, Roads construction, sports and culture should be given priorities in achieving crime prevention and regional economy prosperity where teeming youths will be engaged productively however if south west focus on regional economy integration the dispute between Oyo State and Osun state on Lautech Ogbomosho would be preventable therefore the region that often been in dispute on matter that destroyed the future of teeming youths now illegally launched amatekun, Is that not an hypocracy? A region that was internally divided now wanted to undemocratically fooled itself as its fooled itself on Celebrated June 12 as democracy day.

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