Comment on Amotekun: South West govs, Soyinka dare FG by kabiyeze

Before one commends South West for this piracy without acknowledgement, one should first commend Mazi Nnamdi KANU who initiated this outfit and inaugurated it in the South East, the first self defence outfit in Southern Nigeria which, which sadly, the South East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo aided the Federal Government to drive away Nnamdi KANU out of Nigeria thereby frustrating his brainchild. Some people have now started seeing what KANU saw decades ago, that the contraption called Nigeria is a joke. A Nigeria that operates two sets of Constitutions, the written one for all Nigerian and the unwritten Constitution for the Muslim Hausa Fulani. While the Muslim Hausa Fulani Hisba is armed by the Islamic Religious leaders, and can arrest and jail a Nigeria Soldier, or Police, or a Christian in the North no Southern Southern religious or ethnic group is allowed to form such security outfit, eleven without carrying arm, the one Nnamdi KANU formed without arms. Another set of the unwritten Constitution operating in the North is on Educational and Certification; while the Nigerian written laws sets the minimum five credit passes at WAEC to enable one gain admission to study in university, the unwritten Muslim Hausa Fulani law allows lower credit passes to get university admission to study any course including Law. That is why nobody raised objection when the current chief justice of Nigeria’s certificate was published; he studied Law and went to the Law School with less than 5 credits without English Language. So when Nnamdi KANU calls Nigeria Animal Farm, one wonders why some other Nigerians castigate him.

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