Comment on Amotekun: Stay off S’West, OPC warns Miyetti Allah by Dr Uche Kalu

Of course, the proper place for the members of Miyetti Allah and their
cattle is in the cattle markets or in the abattoirs through out the
The must keep away from our farmlands, Cocao, Palm,Rubber
Plantations , orchards and our hunting grounds or else, they will
be trespassing in some private property.
Amotekun was inaugurated by the South West Leaders in ordere to
counter the invasion of Oduduwaland by the barbaric and murderous
Fulani cattle drivers.
The Fulani Herdesmen have in their wake been sacking and pillaging
villages,farmsted and hamlets, destroying crops and farmlands, raping
our daughters and women folks,and killing those,who dare stand on their
ways and indeed all over the country.
It is indeed an act of provocation on the part the Miyetti Allah Sheikhs,
who are insisting on their vigilantes being a part of Amotekun.
It is about time the Federal Government be compelled to step in and
force the alien Fulani cattle drivers to respect the sedentary culture of
their hosts,the Indigenous People of Nigeria.
Thus,the onus is upon our Indigenous Leaders, Political ,Religious and
Traditional alike to bring it home to President Buhari,who happens to be
the Grand Patron of the MACBAN, that the so called ECOWAS Protocol,
on the right of free passage for ECOWA Citizens is for human beings not
for animals; camels,cows, chicken,dogs,donkeys, pigs et al.Lol!!
The President must be pressured to rescind his standing order to our
Armed Forces and the Police to offer logistics to Fulani Herders in
exercising their gobbledygook ECOWAS Protocol right – of – passage
and to immediately designate them as a terrorist group,which indeed
they really are.
It was the Chief,OBJ,who first raised an alarm by euphemistcally referring
to what has been going on as a mere Fulanization and Islamization of
our fatherland by the alien Neo-colonialist Fulanis.
But in reality,the alien Nilotic Tróglodytes are indeed engaged on what
the muslims refer to as ”Futahat” Campaigns.
”Futahat” is a Qur’anic teaching that Allah,the god of the muslims,did
bequeath the entire world to the muslims only to inherit.
Thus, the muslims have the right to take possessions of all that belong
to the Infidels (non-muslims) including their children and wives.Lol!!
But President Buhari,his cahoots and cohorts do callously refer to the
ongoing Futahat Campaign of daily pogroms and ethnic cleansing of
native Nigerians by their Fulani Herdesmen as mere Farmers/Herders
Attempts by the power-that-be to use Ruga and Water Bill in the quest
to Fulanize and Islamize our fatherland have failed.
But in the South East and South South, it seems as if some Governors
have been cajoled, coopted,seduced and suckered with money bags
(Akpa okpogho) by the Miyetti Allah Sheiks to establish Rugas in their
various States.
The rottenly corrupt Ebonyi Quisling, Dave Nwaéze Umahi has already
strarted his planned Rugas in all the 13 Local Government Areas (LGA)
of his State, beginning in his own LGA of Ohozara.
The Imo Reprobate, Governor Abubakar Musa Uzodimma has also
continued where his Predecessor, Rochas Okoroawusa left off.
”Yoruba Ronu”!
”Ndigbo Chenu Echiche”!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani islmic Hegemony!!

Source: news

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