Comment on Anambra ripe for female governor –Okpala, PDP chieftain by THE NOON

Undoubtedly Nigeria had highest percentage of gender hatred in Africa which past records showed the political ordeals of many past women that held appointed positions as Ministers, some politically frustrated from office while some were maliciously labeled as corrupt in the court of peoples imagination these are cleared gender hatred which often called gender inequality of which this undemocratic situations had made it politically difficult for women to hold an elected office in an executive capacity because the envy showed by male domination in Nigeria politics against women was barbaric therefore Hon Obiara okpara open support for female candidature is commendable and a good omen for women political emancipation from bondages of society however for Nigeria women to be fully emancipated from bondages they put themselves politically and bondages the Nigerian society enveloped them the society needed 70% of male supporters like Hon. Okpara for Nigeria women to politically redeemed these outstanding qualities of Hon. Okpara in an environment where its culture already discriminated women by presenting them as inferior on matters of leadership confirmed that Hon. Okpara unbiased support for women is neither a matter of PDP nor any political parties but an individual qualities which should be commendable by all men of insight and good will. God Bless Hon. Obiano Okpara for standing firmly for Nigeria women

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