Comment on Anambra South: Court orders investigation, prosecution of Ifeanyi Ubah, returning officer by Ebuka Amaechi

Its monumental disgrace & shame that most of the Profs the INEC engaged frm the Universities in Nigeria in the Conduct of the concluded National Elections.Did nt meet the expectations of honest Nigerians,irrespective of political affiliations or other mundane pursuits. Its sad that many of this So-cald University Profs sold their intergrities & were bought over by collection of huge amounts of money to do the bidings of the Corrupt politicians to deny victories to Candidates who were massively voted for by the Elections.Either tru declaration of the elections,Inclusive or out right award of Victories to defeated Candidates of the favour political parties. In view of the Charade displayed by Prof Mahmoud led INEC in concert,the Returning officers,the security agencies & others involved in the Conduct of 2019 Gen elections.I wish to call on all pariots & well meaning Nigerians,to rise up in unity to demand for an holistic review of the Electoral Laws to proscribe adquate punishmement against any Nigerian involved in any form of Electoral malpractices, ,during & after elections in the Country. To end this shame of using the University Profs as errand Boys during the conduct of National Elections by the highly Corrupt Nigerian Politicians !

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