Comment on Anthony Joshua is not a Nigerian by Umolu

The author of “Anthony Joshua is not a Nigerian” has abundantly made it crystal clear what modern day citizenship is all about. Citizenship by place of birth rather than citizenship by parentage. Nigeria has one of the worst citizenship application in the whole world. In most countries, a citizen has the right to do many things in his/her country. Not in Nigeria . A Yoruba man for example cannot and can never be a citizen of say Sokoto State no matter how long he lives there. He can’t even have his children go to school there without paying school fees. In Nigeria we talk about State of Origin, catchment area, federal character and stuff like that. The odds are all against you as a young person in pursuit of developmental opportunities in Nigeria. Yet we identify as Nigerians. Elsewhere e.g , Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii, USA, he could move to Illinois to live and contest election as a senator representing that state. I doubt if an Igals man can move from Kogi and contest with ease an elective office in Abia state. Subsumed, Nigeria citizenship doesn’t mean much.

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