Comment on APC has dragged Nigeria 50 years backwards – Wike by Dr Uche Kalu

Governor Wike’s assertion that the APC has dragged Nigeria 50 years
backwards is indeed an understatment.
With his hope for a change,come 2023 Presidential Election , Chief
Nyesom Wike does come across here as one of those silly Nigerian
Political Leaders,who are playing the ostrich,and thus bury their heads
in the sand hoping that after Buhari,change gonna come in Nigeria.
But our alien Neo-Colonialist Fulani Overlords of the Fulani Caliphate
of Sokoto have got their grand agenda for our fatherland in progress.
They are indeed, currently putting their final touches in their bids to
making our Kwa/Bantu fatherland their Usman Dan Fodio Estate.
They are simply Fulanizing and Islamizing Nigeria on daily basis.
Politicians like Governor Wike, who believe that Mallam Muhammadu
Buhari and his nomadic alien cattle driver folks,the Fulanis will ever
relinquish their current firm grip on our fatherland, are indeed those
currently living in a cukooland.
Come to think about it; our Fulani Overlords don’t only control the
three branches of Federal Government,but they and their Hausa/Kanuri
muslim mongrels do head and control all our Federal Institutions.
The likes of Governor Wike , his cohorts of our Southern Governors and
Politicians,who are privileged to pick the crumbs that fall off their Aboki
Paymasters tables, are wont to ignore the writings on the walls all over
the country.
Thus, with their equanimity of Pontius Pilate, Governor Wike and his PDP
cohorts have bee doing absolutely nothing ,while according to him the
APC dragged Nigeria 50 years backwards within 5 years. Lol!
Oh dear!
What a crying shame and what an act of betrayals indeed?
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hagemony!!!

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