Comment on APC may not survive beyond Buhari years – Okorocha by THE NOON

Mr Okorocha should rather regretted why he jumped out of APGA a political party that gave him first term victory as IMO state Governor of which his regret should make him realised the fire brigade political mergers that sent the then ANPP, ACN and CPC to their early grave while APGA was very luck because its had strong foundation however it was very shameful and very ridiculous of Mr Okorocha to now differentiated President Muhammadu Buhari from APC as party because Nigerians despite lacking political and Democratic orientation they really believed in President Buhari not APC that is why they gave Him presidential election victory first term and second term in office so Nigerians never democratically accepted APC as a mergered party of which not even 2023 if President Buhari quit His membership of APC today APC is dead and it will remain in mortuary till 2023 for it final burial. Mr Okoracha should mind his business and think of whether to go back to APGA or ACPN.

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