Comment on APC raises the alarm over disturbing insecurity by THE NOON

Until Nigerians come together to fight Evil People among all tribes, religion and languages rather than fighting and showing hatred of a tribe or religion which neither help situations nor be a solution.
Until the hypocrisy that blinded Nigerians eye and mind which always made them to unwarranted criticized security chiefs with desperation that they must be removed as the solution to general insecurities of lives and properties rather than vividly realized that democracy not really compatible with sicked society called Nigeria of which the often criticism of service chiefs on the matter remained a cleared symptoms of a sickness of a society because Is there a meaningful difference since when new service chiefs took over office?
Until Nigerians emancipated themselves from the bondages its barbaric political culture put them by realised that the long term effect of very bad Democratic governance and its characteristics were Boko haram, Banditry, Kidnaping and insurgency which mean since the Democratic leadership failed to invested in key sectors that guaranteed economy development and political stability Evil people took the advantage by investing in Boko haram, Banditry and all forms of insurgency and criminality.
APC should tell Nigerians, what is the meaning of curiosity about 2023 Presidential election among the party members when the country is in an ugly socioeconomic, political and security situations? Or are those APC members not aware that its government not really meet up with all it campaign promises for Nigerians? So is too late to cry.

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