Comment on APC’ll chase PDP out of S’South in 2023 –Omo-Agege by THE NOON

If the Nigerian political culture is driven by patriotism and its ideology gives priorities to both political and Democratic development in order to achieved a very matured Democratic society as well attained a healthy and friendly Democratic environment definitely over 20years of democracy in Nigeria infrastructural development could have reached 90-95% developed in key areas that guaranteed economy and political stability while standard of living of an average Nigerians could have removed them from poverty status because the business environment is viable, peaceful and friendly. The Nigeria barbaric political culture and its characteristics keep giving an impression of colonial mentality in the name of dividend of democracy these always demonstrated an absolute abused of Democratic culture which keep asking a fundamental Democratic questions of Over 60years of an independence from England and over 20years of democracy roads rehabilitation and construction still remained tools for political campaign while adequate water and electricity generation still remained in top list of annual budget of federal and States government moreover health sector and other key sectors of the economy remained outdated so Is the country democratically moving forward or backward? Senator Omo agege should feel ashamed of using road rehabilitation as dividend of democracy because this 21st century is making many developed countries and developing countries to THINK BIG while Nigeria neither THINK SMALL nor THINK BIG but only continuously demonstrated foolishness in the name of democracy therefore when will Nigeria abolished provision of untreated water, roads rehabilitation and construction, hospital and meaningless youth empowerment as subject of campaign when China had turned more than 90% of its rural areas to a status of urban setting.

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