Comment on …APC’ll gain more if he becomes DSP – Don by THE NOON

A political scientists should be in a best position to properly and practically defined democracy in accordance to global practices where its political culture only recognized people not tribe, region and religion of which these together made democracy to be government of the people by the people and for the people while this Democratic philosophy and its non violence spirit breaks all barriers of differences where patriotism prevailed over religion, tribal and regional sentiment on matters of governance. Dr Promise as a political scientists should know that democratically and constitutionally Dr Kalu is qualified to contest for Senate President because his region or tribe does not matter however this is not a matter of systematically begging for Deputy Senate President which Nigerian political culture promoted so when would these barbaric culture be totally abolished in the system? If Nigeria truely learned from why Americans always says God Bless America they would knowledge the truth that American political culture does not allowed religion, region and ethnicity in their political culture and these made their democracy to be friendly and remained why they are United. Any country that allowed religion, tribe and regional sentiment on matters of governance prevailed over righteousness and rules of laws its democracy will definitely comes to an abrupt end because 20yrs of democracy in Nigeria was 20yrs of politics of North Vs South, Muslim Vs Christian and politics of nonsense notion Vs foolish ideology that neither guaranteed socioeconomic development nor raised the standard of living of people nor ensure peace and unity nor proffered solution to societal problems so Is this a Democracy or Demonstration?

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