Comment on Arewa elders hit Gumi over religious profiling of soldiers by Ochendo

Once sharia/Islam are on the table,a Moslem fundamentalist be him a professor becomes Uniformed;be him an imam/sheikh becomes Darkness;and be him a General becomes a Terrorist.those who heard me say this man will soon betray his emotions won’t be surprised.of course,not only him.a Governor endorsed possession of AK-47 for self defense.he didn’t stop there.he went further to say you can settle In the forests WITHOUT ANYBODY’S PERMISSION irrespective of what you do in the forest.we can continue to wallow in our self deceit on the premise of politics(religious,tribal,ethnic,sectional protectionism) but those who cause the flow of the blood of the innocent and the saints will pay the price.God’s wrath shall come upon them.

Source: news

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