Comment on Army won’t disobey ‘constituted authority,’ Buratai tells Atiku by Kabiyeze

Nobody should quarrel with the Army protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria or obeying constituted civil authority 100%. However, in obeying constituted civil authority 100%, the Army must not plead ignorance of the law as ignorance of the law is not excusable. Commanders, and men of the force who obey unlawful orders that violate the Constitution and the electoral Act especially during the election period may be seen as aiding violence and act of lawlessness as lawlessness may beget lawlessness as nobody has monopoly of lawlessness. The Army has to defend the constitution and avoid taking unlawful orders from a civil authority who is a candidate and a partisan politician contesting or participating in the present election. Violation of Constitution and the electoral Act by the Army might be viewed as attempt to disrupt Democratic experiment to created chaotic atmosphere to usurp political leadership. The Army should demonstrate that it has no intention to intimidate the electorate and dance to the tune of certain politicians in power to perpetuate bad leadership. The Army must stick to the role assigned to it by the Electoral Act during election period and not the unlawful order of authority who are participants because where the commanders have political interest and align with particular candidates illegal orders and the men they command have opposite political interest in another candidate, then there might be clash of interest, leading to disobedience of military order motivated by partisan interest. Constitution does not allow officers and men of the Nigerian army to obey manifestly illegal orders. Constitution can only protect them when they refuse to carry out such manifestly illegal orders.

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