Comment on Asaba Accord: A new dawn? by Dr Uche Kalu

With their 12-point Agenda the Members of our Southern Governor Forum
did really deliberate with sincerity of purpose.
But for the very long run,they indeed shied away from calling a spade
a spade.
They ought to be confronting the alien Fulanis,whose continued presence
in our Kwa/Bantu fatherland is an anathema to our co-oporative existence.
President Muhammadu Buhari is the sole architect of the current problems
confronting us as a country.
Of course,a semi-illiterate Islamic bigot,like Mallam Muhmmadu Buhari,
whose only academic qualification is his ability to read and write, is
neither academically qualified nor morally fit to govern a multi-cultural,
a multi-ethnic and a multi-religious country of nations like ours.
Besides, President Buhari is a known godfather and a spokesperson of
Boko Haram Jihadist Killer Squads,whose members he fondly refers to
as marginalized muslim youths and does also equate them with our
Boys in N’Delta Creeks,the MENDS.
Currently,President Buhari has been granting blanket amnesty to his
purportedly repentant Boko Haram Jihadist Killer Squad members.
President Buhari is the Grand Patron of the MACBAN Sheikhs,whose
Fulani Killer Herdsmen are rampaging all over the country on their
”Futahat” Campaigns of daily pogroms and ethnic cleansings of
native Nigerians from their ancestral lands.
According to President Buharis erstwhile Minister of Defence, Brig
General (Rtd) Mansur Muhammad Dan Ali and his Interior Ministry
Counterpart, Lt. General (Rtd) Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau,the
Nigerian Army and Police are under a standing order from the
Presidency to offer logistics to his Fulani Killer Herdsmen in exercising
their right of passage all over the country.
That right of passage according to President Buhari,his cahoots and
cohorts of the Fulani Caliphate of Sokoto is guaranteed their Fulani
Killer Herdsmen by a gobbledygook ECOWAS Protocol.
But that ECOWAS Protocol Right of Passage is meant for the citizens
of ECOWAS Member States only, not for their fucking cattle.
Thus,our Southern Governors’ Forum instead of beating about the bush
with their 12-point Agenda, ought to be demanding for an immediate
impeachment and the removal of President Buhari from office,because what
is currently going on in the country is simply an incipient genocide against us
native Nigerians by Buhari’s alien Fulani Neo-Colonialists.
But since our rubber-stanp Senate is dominate by President Buhari’s Hausa/Fulanis,
who are wont not to go after him, the ultima ratio at this juncture is for our Southern
Governor Forum to drag Preident Buhari,his cahoots and cohorts before the
ICC at the Hague in the Netherland.
Of course, the alien Fulani must learn to respect and accept the sedentary
cultture of their native Nigerian hosts.
Enough is enough.
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!!

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