Comment on Atiku challenges INEC, APC to disprove his claim at tribunal by Ochendo

The ineptitude that has characterised the APC government is now before the election tribunal.atiku is not a Nigerian because he is from adamawa.adamawa is(was) in Cameroon not other words,the election is fundamentally faulty and should be cancelled.there have always been stories about the genuine nationality of many of the northern leaders.perhaps this official revelation is a pointer to many that will still be hears about Niger,Mali,Sudan and now Cameroon.these factors are part of why Nigeria is too porous because many of them(the Nigerian foreigners) still have allegiance to their own ‘true’ country of origin.two governors from Niger attended pmb’s rally and one begins to ask how did they get cleared to attend such function in their official hear about Niger linked to our national grid and some will tell you they have power more than we do.

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