Comment on Bagudu signs N151bn 2019 budget by THE NOON

There are certainly many inappropriation in annual budget of government at all levels in Nigeria while the culture of tagging or sloganised a budgets in country where its infrastructure and basic amenities of life are outdated in an ugly economy situation that shows a very poor living standards of people with very high percent of poverty however these are confirmation that the so called annual budget failed to reflect in the economy prosperity because many projects of 10yrs to 16yrs still uncompleted while other key project that has direct meaning in raising the standard of living of people were blindly abandoned without due consideration to resources spent moreover what often revealed year in, year out are the corruption of the Governors that was excluded from the inappropriate bill called appropriation bill by embezzlement, money laundry and total abused of office therefore the annual budget of a developing country like Nigeria in this 21st century should not be a subject of barbaric culture of sloganised or tagged instead of all these unfolding of a comic gesture they should tell people the amount they will steal out of the budget because it was what always reflected in the government at all levels which made the budget to be inappropriate.

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