Comment on Bandits still control communities –Sultan by Ezekiel Okeke

Fulani criminals who have been stealing wealth of Hausa people etc. since 1804, are calling Hausa people etc. bandits on Hausa native land etc.

Fulani criminals used the fraud nickname fulani caliphate with its emirates to ruined existence of Hausa people etc. and subdue them under fulani rulership. Used Hausa people etc. to dominate southern natives politically.

We this territory natives who owns the land have defeated fulani caliphate with its emirates in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states.

Interim governments of the six sovereign states have legitimacy of the law in this natives territory of Disintegrated Republics.

Hausa people, Kanuris etc. must Burn Down palaces of defeated fulani criminals nickname Sultan, Emirs. Breakdown houses etc. of defeated fulani criminals and take everything. There’s no asylum for defeated fulani criminals in this natives territory of Disintegrated Republics

Source: news

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