Comment on Bauchi, Edo houses of assembly crisis: I will ensure justice, fair play – Buhari  by Ebuka Amaechi

In view of the present developm-ent in Edo State House of Assy, Bauchi & other States of Assy. Which is being Fueled by Partisan interests & Self Centred Personalit-ies.Especially the Edo State Saga. Which is not abt the general interests of the Electorates. In view above,I sincerely Canvas like many Patriots,Elder Statesmen, Opinion Leaders & other well meaning Nigeriams. To reduce the present Political induced Crisis & over Centralisation of Issues which could be resolved amicably wtout Resort to Abuja,Which definitelely shall nt be neutral in its adjudicat-ion of matters which its leadership has interest,I advise the APC Led Fed Govt,To begin the process for implimenation of the Report of 2014 National Check the Federal Govt over bearing Interferance in the Affairs of the Federating States in the Country. Allow the Fed Govt to Concentrate on the Issues of National Security, Defence of the Territorial Intergri-ty of the Nation & other Sundry matters,To ensure Peace, Security, Healthy Competetion btwn the Federatn States.To ensure Equity, Economic Development & Prosper-ity for the entire Citizenry.! .

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