Comment on Bauchi governor challenges Ortom to prove his claim that he wants to kill him by Azzo

You brought the allegation upon yourself Bala Mohammed. When Ortom spoke, he spoke directly to the president of the country without any scathing remarks. You Bala on the other hand foolishly and recklessly took Ortom to task, accusing Ortom of initiating the violence eating up the country and its people starting from Benue state. You went on in your interview to lend support to arms carrying(AK47) by Fulani herdsmen. These allegations from Ortom, as spurious as they may sound would not have come about if you did not throw your firing darts at him in the first place, more so if you completely condemned your Fulani herdsmen carrying of arms. You brought it upon yourself and if Ortom feels threatened by your interview this is exactly what he can do. Your interview tilted very much on the path of encouraging violence and Ortom as your target. If you want peace and reconciliation, pay Ortom a visit and show him some sympathy with events in his state irrespective of whose side you are on. Go on air and denounce your support for herdsmen carrying of arms and suggest ways of stopping these heinous acts of kidnapping and banditry ravaging the country and our common interest. It is that simple.

Source: news

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