Comment on Be careful what you say, Osinbajo cautions govs by THE NOON

The Vice President Osinbajo only preaching the gospel of baseless issues which will never materialise because only patriotic Democratic leaders uses the period of office to served peoples and when about to leave office they would be planning for other ways to continued serving people as well use their profession to proffered solution to societal problems so Is Nigerians Democratic leaders are patriotic?. The genesis of Bad Democratic leadership and bad Democratic followership rooted from lacked of patriotism while these remained the driving forces of Nigerian political culture of which its characteristics often promote ethno religion and regional sentiment on matters of governance which remained what hindered Democratic development in Nigeria however what could Nigerians called what behind 2023 presidency that now creating unwarranted dispute in media and the nature of political atmosphere unfolding so Is it all about proffering solutions to general insecurity of lives and properties? Is it all about proffering solutions to economy? The answers only defined Nigerian political culture where ethnic, religion and regional sentiment prevailed over righteousness and rules of law moreover these notions should have been abolished as a result of long suffering of people because the promoter of ethno religion and regional sentiment when in office they neither ensure well-being of their tribe nor promote fear of God in their leadership but only left legacies of corruption is these not a lesson to stop promoting ethno religion and regional sentiment on matters of governance?. If the Teaching of National anthem was meaningless to the Governors in this regards so would the Vice president Osinbajo preaching meaningful?

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