Comment on B’Haram: Yahaya takes charge as theatre commander by AZZO

That is the problem with a government bereft of ideas and intelligence to govern aright. Simply, the erstwhile TC went viral to explain the situation him and his men faced on the battle ground telling that they had ran out of fighting equipment but have gained and continued to gain grounds against insurgents, commended his men for gallantry despite the shortage of weaponry. Obviously this was his undoing as he had to pay the price for speaking out. If not for the possibility of public outcry, Major General Adeniyi would have been sacked from the Nigerian Army – that is if this re-assignment is not already a process to that ultimate goal by the military. As a replacement and in the spirit of a government whose policy is framed on nepotism, a Northerner takes his place with immediate effect. Ok, let us all not tow that line of accusation, we will give this new henchman time to prove himself and Nigerians will be the judge of that. Meanwhile, the government should seriously begin to rethink its style of governance as Nigerians collectively are on the brinks and have run out of patience. There are now too many wars in the land namely, Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen, Banditry, Brutality from Uniformed men and women, Hunger, Destitution, Laser fever and Corona Virus without any appropriate response from the government.

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