Comment on Biafra: Don’t go to war again, Arinze warns Igbo by alain

This is absolute nonsense. How can you expect me to be in one room with blood suckers. Whether you’re in the politics or out of politic in Nigeria, they will still suck your blood.
I think you should learn from history. They had never allowed any other tribe to govern them effectively. They will frustrate it and eventually kill you. That system has been there for so long. Who has ever govern Nigeria apart from their own tribe. When OBJ was there, he was given a spy then Atiku as vice president. When Jonathan was there, he was given a spy then Sambo as vice president. The Abiola insisted they kill him. They frustrated your former Senate Presidents from doing their job effectively. The white caps always raise hand against any meaningful subject that will advance our interest. These guys are terrorist. You must be very ashamed to dine in a table with full of blood sucker and vampires. I can’t stay with fulani people because they don’t want me.
Cardinal Arinze should forget about talking for us. This is not 1967 where there are no GSM and other means of communication. You went to free education unlike me. So what is he talking about. Whether you want to protect Cardinal Arinze plot of land or Arinze street with no electricity and good roads around them then prepare your WILL because they will surely kill you. Are you better than Jesus Christ? What did Jesus Christ did to warrant his hanging? He should better learn from history.

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