Comment on Biafra: Don’t go to war again, Arinze warns Igbo by ICHEOKU

ICHEOKU says that was then and we are now in a new dawn. 1967 is not 2021 and things that obtained then will not replicate themselves today. War is now a business and there are so many war veterans throughout the world who operate as hired hands and those weapons which were deprived Biafrans in 1967 through 1970 will be sourced some other way. But first, let the waiting time run its course to see if the Fulani Janjaweed land grabbers will see reason and come to their senses. You cannot use because people die in wars then surrender your manhood into slavery. The new generation Biafrans have refused to be guided by the fears of the first Biafran war witnesses and when push comes to shove, fresh men will go to battle to save their people and their homeland. What has this fella said all these years Fulani Janjaweed herdsmen were terrorizing innocent people in their homeland, raping and killing women and children in Biafraland. Anyway, let the dark cloud continue to percolate until further notice.

Source: news

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