Comment on Biafra: Ojukwu’s excuse, absolute nonsense –Gowon by Kabiyeze

Gowon needs prayers of God fearing people to see the need for confession and atonement before he dies. God can still forgive him and his people for the genocide and crime against humanity. He started well when he initiated Nigeria Prays, but the hate spirit in him soon over took him. The blood in his head looking for vengeance seems to be beclouding his reasonings. His role in murdering his Commander in Chief, Ironsi, and the forceful take over ahead of his superiors including Ojukwu; . the killings of innocent and defenceless Biafran women and children in his region when he was head of state, the ripping open of pregnant women and the killings of the unborn foetuses are enough blood to always disturb him by reminding him about Biafra war, but the seeming pact Gowon had with his slave masters will not allow him confess and atone but to rather remain stubborn. His recent utterances points to the evil of the smokescreen called Reconciliation, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and whatever. Gowon has shown himself as a willing tool used in perpetuating hate governances in Nigeria, as he continually reminds Nigeria that the Biafra War has not ended. Gowon needs prayers.

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