Comment on Biafra restoration project is insurmountable—Nnamdi Kanu  by Alain

The laziest fraudulent palace in this world is burckyham palace. The US should be aware that the British council has been misleading them to get killed, degraded, hated and milked out of world power econony to an endless dispute in Asia and middle east. The British lost the world power many years both economically and military might and since then, they became desperate to take it back but unable to confront US publicly instead they chosed the blood suckers religion to instigate unrest everywhere as another way to put US in war front in the name of fighting shadowing terror
known as scam movie series 6070. The British wants you to lead war to Asia/middle east in such a way they will call Eliza to be the arbiter. See page 20s, 40s 60 and 70s africa chapter

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