Comment on Black weekend: 12 policemen killed in Rivers, Akwa Ibom by THE NOON

Who will protect the Police in this kind of barbaric situation? And what is the Sin of the police?
These were all cleared symptoms of a sickness of a society and its daily manifestation run contrary to the principles of Democratic tradition of nonviolence philosophy of achieving peaceful solution to societal challenges however there is no moral and Democratic justification for ungodly killing of police officers and attacking police stations considering the cost of training each police officer as well as cost of construction of a police station by government because the socioeconomic consequence of these barbaric act will soon unfolds itself where it will be too late for those unpatriotic group and their political sponsors to cry because Nigeria government is losing life of its police officers as well losing money its used for their training so what will be an economy consequence of the situations?. So this remained another dimension that confirmed the fact that democracy not really compatible with a sicked society called Nigeria

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