Comment on Blame Oshiomhole for Edo Assembly crisis, Obaseki tells Senate C’ttee by Ebuka Amaechi

The House of Representatives Recommendation that Governor Obaseki of Edo State should Re- Convocate another Legislative meeting of Members of Edo State House of ASSY to Elect frm Leadership of the House. Which has an Already elected Principal officers of the House.In Flagrant contravention of Nigerian Constitution. ,While the already Elected Principal Officers of the House ve been Conductn the Affairs of the House,Without Rancour for the Smooth Running of Edo State Govt.The Members of the House of the House of the Reps.Should shawn anything that Could Potray the Members as Stooges & Political Tools in the Hand of an Individual against the Smooth Running of Edo State Govt & Collective Interests of the Masses of the State !

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