Comment on Bloodstains on the flag by Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh

A careful all-inclusive Democratic study reveals that “Racial Discrimination”, among other social crimes and injustices, is playing the prominence in today’s Nigeria. Hence, the “blood stain of the flag” with high profile of shedding of human blood, like wasting of water, across the country.

Unfortunately, the partisan politics, undemocratic sectionalization of Federal political appointments, among other social discriminations, nepotism, militarizations, and all sorts of injustices, have resulted to the unpleasant and highly regrettable security breakdown across the country of tody’s Nigeria.

The repeated kidnap of the Dapchi girls, and refusal to release Leah Sharibu, after other girls were negotiated and released, is clear political link to the five years ago kidnap of the Chibok girls, and many of the girls are left unreleased till date!

Source: news

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