Comment on Boko Haram may overrun Abuja, Senators warn by THE NOON

The legislature should acknowledged the truth that the general insecurities challenges in all its names were cleared evidence of very bad Democratic governance while the fear of Boko Haram not to takeover Abuja and the claimed that Lawmakers are the target created a suspicious, Why lawmakers are the target?.
Inviting United States, United Kingdom and other countries for help amounted to ridiculed the integrity of the Nigeria armed forces on their statutory obligations because the legacies of Nigeria Military and their past records in peace keeping in Africa and intercontinentally above all their victory in Biafra civil war confirmed the fact that Boko Haram, Banditry and other criminality in this present situations can never over power the military however would U.K and U.S render free security help for Nigeria? Or can Nigerian lawmakers sacrifices their annual salaries to pay U.K and U.S ? Since the country doesn’t have money to execute budget and doesn’t have money to fulfilled statutory minimum wage that often resulted to workers strike all over the country, Health sector, Judiciary are on strike.
Since all these civil unrest has characterized the entire situations in difference barbaric dimension agitation counter agitation, Banditry and terrorism and religious commotion therefore is better for the Democratic leadership at all levels The Executive, Legislature and civil society to come together and willingly Hand Over Government to the Military rather than inviting U.S and U.K for help on Nigeria internal affairs, How many time they invited Africans for their internal affairs? What were the outcome of U.S and U.K interference in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan?

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