Comment on Boko Haram: Senate to visit Borno over killing of residents by Tony

Another genocide is ongoing in Bayelsa state . The Nigerian army is completely wiping out a local government area in Bayelsa state on cooked up reason that the people of the area killed two soldiers. Believe it or not no soldiers were killed by the villagers. If indeed soldiers were killed the Hausa dominated nigerian army whose cherished aim has always been to kill all the people in the oil Producing areas in the south to enable them turn the area to only OIL Producing zone may have killed the soldiers as an excuse for the invasion.
Did i not hear that two naval or air Force men were killed in kaduna? How many soldiers are reported killed by the northerners in borno state daily and nothing happens?
Hey! Why am i shedding tears for the south south people who foolishly think that the Hausa love them more than the Igbo.

Source: news

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