Comment on Border closure’ll encourage local production of rice, other food items –Amaechi by THE NOON

Federal government should realized that the border closure also hindered the revenue generated from land borders areas which amounted to billions of Naira annually so how could borders closure be an economy solution to local rice production when the goal to be self sufficiency in rice production is not achieved? However if Nigeria could achieved self sufficiency in cement production in less than a decades while these unprecedented achievement in non oil sector of the economy made local cement production in Nigeria to be self sufficiency, self reliance and its distribution reach all corners of the country definitely the success story made it cleared that if anybody could import cement into the country would it affect the local cement market?. The annual production capacity of Dangote cement alone in less than a decade has removed millions of Nigerians from an abject poverty while its contribution to GDP can not be over emphasis as far as economy is concern however those supporting the baseless closure of borders on mere futility grounds that neither guaranteed food security nor served as knowledge based solution to agricultural sector of the economy should open their eye to see the unprecedented achievement and its success of Dangote Obajana cement plant together with Ibese plant of which the annual output of these two plants can made ECOWAS regions self sufficiency in cement therefore it is expected of those blindly supporting borders closure to as themselves if Dangote could succeed in cement production so other non oil sector of the economy too can play a meaningful role.

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