Comment on Border closure:Why FG’s decision is in Nigeria’s best interest -Stakeholders by THE NOON

The closure of Nigeria land borders was political in all ramifications that politically defined the position of Nigeria in ECOWAS region as well in Africa while the motives of Federal Government shows a cleared transferred of malice to its ECOWAS members because these countries does not have Crude Oil but relied on trade moreover the intention of Federal Government on the closure of land borders clearly manifested not really on an economy interest of the country because does President Donald Trump of U.S.A close American land borders because of teeming illegal immigrants that often pass through Mexico borders? Or Is the decision of U.S President on this matter not on the security and wellbeing of Americans? Why does U.S President choose to build wall as a solution and not the closure of the borders upon the government efforts of both air, land patrol and sophisticated cameras?. Obviously the submission of the so called stakeholders on the matters of the closure of Nigeria land borders were not only contradictory but raises fundamental question of Nigerian population which their efforts in rice production output could not feed in Hundred years which directly mean closure of the borders is not a solution. Apparently these issues of rice in Nigeria years ago has created what we can called (Rice Politics or Politics of Rice) because some States Governors turned every festival to manipulate the sales of rice they produced while some politicians labelled bags of rice with their photos as subject and object of buying votes so does Nigerians consumed rice only on festive period or when election comes around?. The stakeholders should realised why China is the largest producer of rice in the world? Does China relied on annual rain fall for its rice production alone? Is China still using outdated means of rice production in this 21st century? So the stakeholders should apologize to Nigerians for their baseless support of the closure of borders because If Nigeria does not have oil the country could have know the revenue its loses in the period it close the borders of which the economy activities on all land borders generated significant amount of money accrue to government at all levels including private stakeholders and many small business holders. Nigerians are tired of many policies of One step forward and 99 step backward of the policies makers that turned their offices to political office because how could CBN Governor whom his office is statutorily an economy office supported closure of land borders? Mr Godwin Emefiele has turned his office to political office that dance to the music of politicians and drums of unpatriotic Nigerians that benefited from the suffering of helpless, hopeless and defenceless Nigerians

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