Comment on BREAKING: Federal Secretariat, Asaba on fire by Emeka Aku

Please stop! This will lead to no where. This is not the way to achieve whatever the goal of the perpetrators are. Governors call the federal government, the politicians, IPOB and all aggrieved parties to the negotiation table. Our people are dying. The Igbos you represent are bearing the brunt of the losses. Whoever is doing this, unknown gunmen, aggrieved politicians, opposition, the majority of the IGBOS are not in support of what you are doing. You are as bad as the criminal killer herdsmen, raping and killing our women in our eyes. You have burnt a government building and you have disappeared into tin air. Now the security forces will respond to this act by killing innocent youths on the street, to send a message. Enough is enough! Buhari you must really be dead or completely incompetent! What does it take to secure the boarders, install check points and use drones to monitor our forests? Instead you send the military to kill innocent Nigerians in reaction to people who want to defend themselves. Do you see why Nigerians think you support the criminal herdsmen?

Source: news

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