Comment on Buhari and IPOB activities by Dr Uche Kalu

That Illiterate son of an alien Fulani cattle driver,Mallam Muhammadu Buhari,
did not only take part during the pogrom against the Igbos in the North
1966 but did also commit the worst atrocities and crimes against humanity
during the Biafran- Nigerian War of 1967-1970.
During the pogrom of 1966 against the Igbos, the psychopathic mass murdere,Colonel Ibrahim Taiwo with a Contingent of Nigerian Army Unit did
block the Benue Bridge Head at Makurdi.
For a bloody fortnight,while Colonel Ibrahim Taiwo slaughtered thousands
of innocent Igbo children ,men and women fleeing from the North to the
East, Major Buhari from the Army Ordinance in Zaria was at hand to offer
logistics to Colonel Taiwo, his Officers and Men during the operation.
During the Biafran – Nigerian War, Muhammadu Buhari as a Brigade
Major,commanded 2nd Brigade of the 1st Division of the Nigerian Army
at Afikpo (in EbonyiToday) theatre of that war.
Commander Buhari,his Officers and Men did not only hold the Ibom
Afikpos as hostages but did slaughter them for some good measures.
Our gallant Biafran Gorillas,Hunters and Rangers operating from
the Jungles of Erei Afikpo/Ebem Ohafia Axis and from the Jungles of Ozara Okar Ngwu of Amaseri in Afikpo North spucked and harassed Buhari his
Nigerian Vandal Soldiers and inflicted heavy casualties on them.
From the hills and knolls of Ekoli and Nguzu Edda in Afikpo South our
Biafran Armed Forces pounded Commander Buhari and his Units with
artilleries ,flying Ogbunigwes and mortars.
Commmander Buhari and his 2nd Brigade Men were thus stopped from
heir advance to Umuahia our then Biafran Capital during the war.
For that reason the Ibom Afikpos had to pay some heavy price.
It is estimated that over 150000 people of Afikpo were murdered in
cold blood by Commander Buhari and his Nigerian Vandal Soldiers.
Every time our Biafran Gorillas,Hunters and Rangers did inflict some
heavy casaulies on Buhari’s Nigerian Vandal Soldiers, they had always
taken a revenge on their hapless Afikpo hostages by descending on the
villages and hamlets killing people in some good measures
Commander Buhari and his Nigerian Vandal Soldiers did in their wake
leave spectaculum of horrors quite reminiscent of Hollywood Classics
on Spartacus the Thracian Gladiator acted by Kirk Douglas.
In Towns and Village Squares, Market Places and along the highways, the
remains of our Biafran Youths,were left crucified,hanged and with poles
pierced through their anal cvities up to their thoracic cavities as warnings
to the Ibom People of Afikpo.
Today Commander Buhari has come back as a President of Nigeria to start from where he left off with us Ndigbo during the war.
On the 30th of May 2016,Buhari did order the invasion of our South East
and parts of the South South.Hundreds of our Igbo Youths were slaughtered
in our Cities and Towns through out Igboland.
After designating our Millennials of IPOB as a Terrorist Group,Buhari
followed that up by launching his gobbledygook Python i,ii and iii Dances in
Allaigbo, during when our unarmed Igbo children were murdered in cold
blood through out our South East by the Army and the Police
coupled with the current daily killings of our Igbo children, shooting on
sight to kill at Army and Police checkpoints and roadblocks of Igbo
motorists and travellers must be condemned by Nigerians of all creeds,
religions and tribes.
The Chris Ngiges, David Umahis,Festus Odimegwus, Hope Uzodimmas,
Joe Igbokwes, Ken Nnamanis, Laurette Onochies,Ogbonnaya Onus,Osita Okechukwwus, Orji Uzor Kalus,and Rochas Okoroawusas of the APC Party
should hereby call upon their APC Principal, President Buhari to call off
the ongoing incipient genocide against us Ndigbo.
Enough is enough ojare!
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic hegemony!!!

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