Comment on Buhari constitutes committee on U.S. visas ban by Alain

I think, there is no need of setting up a committee over Visa ban in Nigeria. There’s no hope in Nigeria if we keep on living with these blood suckers religion. I think, the US have come to realized the need for them to differentiate human beings from animal in Nigeria. They thought all of us were Human beings then, but thanks to IPOB. I have also said it many times that, this is not about Biafra and British new war, but a way to stop you from saying Jesus Christ is the savior of the world and not Queen-slam. The power belongs to the Church alone therefore I refused to worship Islam. I will only advise the US that if they really want to see the picture of all the hidden agenda from British arbitrates then they should make Hillary Clinton President only after Trump second term. Hill should give way for Trump to complete his second term. I bet you that Hillary Clinton woes were orchestrated by Queen Elizabeth. She doesn’t want another lady queen and first daughter, wife, mother from the powerful Airforce one. Hillary should be wary of this, that, her defeat twice was a planned move never to see a beautiful lady ruling from the powerful world. All the Queen palace has been rejected. I am sure Theresa May will bear me witness that she the rejected palace will do every thing to redirect the world camera towards her instead of any beautiful other birds. Angela Merkel is surviving it because she is the pretty cat in Deutsche language. I am to reject this English language that says common wealth because i am beginning to belief that English language is a deception. I mean, what is common in Buckingham palace, I asked.

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