Comment on Buhari, father of modern Nigeria – Chris Ngige by Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh

Dr. Chris Ngige, please do you mean “modern or barbaric/economic and security-wise, backward Nigeria or what?

Needs for honest and comprehensive explanation, with do respect sir!

Yes, you claimed that “there is nothing political” about your claim of Buhari as the “father of modern Nigeria”. But you, in your right honest senses, know very clearly that that is a pure political statement of obvious deceit and deception against the Nigerians!

Your other claim is that “power is another area that will be tackled very seriously in the next four years of President Buhari”, which invokes the proverbial saying that “if a child who has not walked for the past four years, how would he/she suddenly run now”?

You obviously know that you are lying, compared to the several unfulfilled promises made to the Nigerians in 2014/2015 by same Buhari.

Nigeria is more backward than ever in economy and security-wise, since 2015 till date. Is this part of the lies of your claimed “next level” dishonest agenda?

Please, stop all these politics of hide and seek games of this Buhari’s administration. This is part of your “next level” conspiracies’ agenda against the Nigerian citizens, just for your respective unpatriotic selfishness and self-centered subtle political activities!

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