Comment on Buhari flags off AKK gas pipeline project, says it must succeed by Dr Uche Kalu

Early this year,it was announced that President Buhari’s $US25bn Petroleum
Exploration Contract in the North did hit a bonanza in the Lake Chad ,Benue,
Gongola and Kaduna River Basins.
If indeed some commercial gas and oil deposits have been found in the North
as reported then,why this AKK gas pipeline project?
Oh No!
That is simply tantamount to carrying coal to New Castle ojare
What an economic and a financial brigandage indeed!
Well, according the Greek Philosopher,Socrates, ” When the wise allow the fools
to rule them, they suffer the misrule of the fools”.
Thus, if the people of Nigeria accept the imposition of a born habitual liar upon
upon them, as a President then,they must expect absolutely nothing from their Presidnt,his cahoots and cohorts but lies,dam lies and statistics.
Of course ,according to the renowned American Iconoclast,Mark Twain,”There are
three kinds of lies; lies, damn lies and statistics.
Oh dear!
What a failed moribund Banana Republic governed by liars ,that we indeed have
become these past five years and still counting.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islaamic Hegemony!!

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