Comment on Buhari has failed woefully –PFN by THE NOON

By virtue of the globally acceptable definition of democracy, Who is really a failure in this ugly security situations in Nigeria? Is it really President Muhammad Buhari? Or Nigerians that voted Him in office as democratically elected President?. A simple practical example from recent presidential election in USA when Americans realised they had failed by produced Former President Donald Trump as President they together acknowledged their failure and took Democratic step by voted Trump out of which the key Democratic lesson here is that Americans never feels or think Trump had failed but rather they Americans that produced him had failed while these made them to wisely used their votes to really correct their mistake. Now is President Buhari imposed Himself on Nigerians? So who really Failed?. Why Nigerians failed to firstly acknowledged that they failed by reelected President Buhari for second term in office? Or is GOD an Hypocrite?. Bishop Wale Oke should theologically reason why GOD delibrately abandoned those who failed to obeyed His commandments in the scriptures? Obviously GOD Almighty had abandoned religious activities in Nigeria and had openly refused to answers all their hypocritical prayers and worships because the so called religious leaders has turned to puppets of politicians and religious congregation has became subsidiary of political parties these were cleared testimonies for why terrorism that keep attacking places of worships has became successful because GOD Almighty had abandoned religious activities and will not come to their help until the religious leaders repented from their Original Sin. If truly Nigeria is a secular state, it is expected of religious organization and religious related association to maintain mature neutrality on matters of Governance doing these would commands respect for religion position in the society because the barbaric political culture that allowed religious selfish interest to prevailed at all levels where politicians had turned places of worships to campaign ground while the public realized the fact that these politicians were of questionable characters by virtue of their corrupt records with EFCC so is religious helping situations or encourage more problems of bad Democratic governance?.

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